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Custom Organizational Change Management Software Solution

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Langate has created a custom change management system to simplify the work of organizational units in healthcare facilities with IT technologies.


Custom Organizational Change Management Software Solution


  • Changing healthcare managing software with IT
  • The Employee Change Management application for the company operating over 200 locations with over 15,000 users
  • IT integration for employee management efficiency


Langate has covered all the employee managing tasks in one platform, thus creating an amazing product targeted for a wide range of clients within the medical field.

Project Scope






Tech Lead




Business Analyst


Project Manager

Tech Stack

Entity Framework 6
SQL Server 2016
.NET Framework 4.6.1
Windows Services
SSRS Reports
Angular 1.6
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Get to know how Langate made the healthcare employee managing more efficient by applying the IT change management software.

The top healthcare units are searching for comprehensive software to perfectly operate the inside and outside management tasks. Organizational change management software greatly improves the efficiency of the company management and allows the operation of multifunctional processes while spending less time and money.

As the number of employees that our client needed to manage increased, their company decided to create a custom change management software that would be able to handle a massive data flow and provide the ultimate security.

They have been looking for a software development vendor with deep expertise in creating technical solutions specifically for the healthcare niche, so they chose to work with Langate.

The Client

Our client is a premier provider of IT back-office services in the healthcare industry.

They enhance the experience of healthcare workers in 6 main spheres:

  • Financial management
  • Purchasing services
  • HR management
  • Pharmacy cost containment
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Technology services

The Challenge

The company we worked with has more than 15,000 of their own as well as their clients’ employees to manage as a part of their HR and payroll services.
They have been using Microsoft Active Directory software for this purpose until it revealed its performance limitations and inability to handle such a massive amount of data.

As the healthcare industry environment becomes more and more complex, our client decided to transform the management software model by managing full-cycle employee on/offboarding.

So, they needed a custom reliable system for employee change management to handle the payroll processing and reduce staffing efforts.
They wanted the new platform to be able to accurately and correctly process a massive amount of data and provide top-of-the-line security. For this purpose, a fresh vision of the problem’s solution is crucial – that is why Langate was in charge of developing one.

If you also face such challenges or just want to develop a custom technical solution to take your healthcare project to a new level

The Process

Our primary goal

Our primary goal was to develop a high-performing solution that would reduce employee setup time and the amount of on/off-boarding effort needed and errors.

Consequently, we wanted to make customers and internal departments of our client more satisfied and efficient while using their HR and payroll services.

To help our client achieve their business goals, Langate concentrated on developing a system that:

Would enable connection with every employee

Automate MS Exchange tasks for different versions

Create job code-based workflows for different clients

Support multiple domain controllers and forests

The Solution

Langate came up with an Employee Change Management system, a new module of the enterprise-wide expandable platform. This custom solution resolved all of the issues our client had before.

We developed the following features

To help our client successfully serve its customers by organizing, sorting, and storing massive amounts of data

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Achievements and Future Plans

  • To conclude, while working with the client, Langate was able to develop one of the most efficient and secure change management software solutions for any healthcare unit.
  • With various operations applied to it, this platform significantly improves the productivity of control of any medical structure.
  • Well-structured and multifunctional, this software became an irreplaceable tool for company management. Using Employee Change Management, now it is much easier to collect and process the information, get the critical data reports at once, as well as operate all the financial sides of the company. By creating a high-performing and secure system, Langate assisted the client in significantly scaling their business.
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Increasing their client base by 45%

After implementing a custom technical solution developed by Langate our client has managed to increase their client base by 45% compared to the previous year.

6 years

The average length of client cooperation with them has reached 6 years.

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